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Learn about the Rocketboards community design initiative and how you can benefit ... read more

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Use one of the community-oriented development boards for the Altera SoCs and Nios II, targeted for people interested in exploring and prototyping their applications

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Latest News

Linux and U-Boot Update

​The Linux kernel for SoCFPGA has been upgraded to v4.6. We have also updated the LTSi 4.1 branch to 4.1.22, this adds a new branch to the kernel repo on github (socfpga-4.1.22-ltsi), the previous branch is deprecated. ... read more

Upgrade to Kernel Version 4.3

We are pleased to announce the upgrade to kernel version 4.3 and U-Boot update ... read more

Kernel Upgrade to v4.0

Altera Upgrades to Kernel v4.0 ... read more

SoC Kernel and U-Boot update

Branch name: socfpga-3.18, Tag name: rel_socfpga-3.18_15.05.01_pr ... read more

GIT web currently unavailable is experiencing problems with the gitweb service due to an overload of the system. We are taking measures to address this issue as soon as possible. ... read more

Nios II Kernel in v3.19

We are pleased to announce that Nios II kernel will be available in kernel v3.19. Both the Nios II and SoCFPGA are upstream. ... read more

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