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This topic is incomplete. Either finish the work or delete this page in case it is not relevant anymore. Further more, please refine the title of this page as "Design Guides" is probably too generic. It rather should reflect what this design guide is actually for. Thanks. -- Michael Daum - 06 Oct 2016

Work in progress!

This page contains a collection of design guides intended to help various Altera SoC users. For the moment they are grouped by type of target user, but as more guides are added, they will also be grouped by SoC family (CV, AV, A10, S10).

SoC Board Development

Resources that will assist board designers in making part selections, board design decisions, etc.

  • Sample Board Development Guide 1
  • Sample Board Development Guide 2
  • Sample Board Development Guide 3
  • Sample Board Development Guide 4
  • Sample Board Development Guide 5

SoC FPGA Hardware Design

Resources that will assist FPGA designers and Qsys developers on how to design FPGA hardware, IP, EMIF, Qsys, Bridges etc.

  • Sample Hardware Design Guide 1
  • Sample Hardware Design Guide 2
  • Sample Hardware Design Guide 3
  • Sample Hardware Design Guide 4
  • Sample Hardware Design Guide 5

SoC Firmware Design

Resources that will assist Firmware engineers to develop low level device drivers for SoC and Custom IP as well as update the tools, makefiles, bootloader and BSP.

  • Sample Firmware Design Guide 1
  • Sample Firmware Design Guide 2
  • Sample Firmware Design Guide 3
  • Sample Firmware Design Guide 4
  • Sample Firmware Design Guide 5

SoC Applications Development

Resources that will assist Linux Applications developers to develop applications based on available BSPs for SoC FPGA devices.

  • Sample Applications Development Guide 1
  • Sample Applications Development Guide 2
  • Sample Applications Development Guide 3
  • Sample Applications Development Guide 4
  • Sample Applications Development Guide 5

SoC Baremetal Development

Resources that will assist bare metal software developers to develop and debug a simple baremetal application for a custom IP core and modify the boot and start up code to accommodate the new HW and SW.

  • Sample Baremetal Development Guide 1
  • Sample Baremetal Development Guide 2
  • Sample Baremetal Development Guide 3
  • Sample Baremetal Development Guide 4
  • Sample Baremetal Development Guide 5

SoC System Development

System developer design guides for system level considerations such as Security, Configuration and HW/SW image management, Power Management, Connectivity using PCIe Root port, Real Time Requirements and Functional Safety Considerations.

  • Sample System Development Guide 1
  • Sample System Development Guide 2
  • Sample System Development Guide 3
  • Sample System Development Guide 4
  • Sample System Development Guide 5

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