The GSRD release includes a web server running on the target board that can be used to exercise some of the board's features:
  • Displaying text on the alphanumerical LCD screen (currently not available for Arrow SoCKit)
  • Turning LEDs ON and OFF
  • Scrolling LEDs in a sequence
  • Displaying the current status of the LEDs.
The webpage served by the web server also contains links to some relevant information on the Altera website.

Note that the screenshots presented in this page are taken using the Arrow SoCKit Evaluation kit.

Connect to Web Server

1. Boot the GSRD Linux release as described in the Booting Linux Using Prebuilt SD Card Image.

2. Write down the IP address displayed on the first line of the LCD screen. Note that the IP address is displayed only at the boot time, it is not updated if the IP address is changed later, for example by the user.

NOTE: the LCD drivers are not included in the current SoCKit Linux release. To find the IP address, type ifconfig at the prompt. Look for the inet addr entry for eth0.

3. Open a web browser on the host PC and type http://<target_ip_address> on the address box and hit Enter.

Board Features

4. The webserver on the Arrow SoCKit displays an image showing the features on the front and back of the board, alternating the image every 5 seconds.


Interact With the Board

5. Scroll the webpage down to the section named Interacting with Arrow SoCKit Development Kit


You will be able to perform the following actions:
  • See which LEDs are ON and which are OFF in the LED Status image. Note that if the LEDs are setup to be scrolling, the displayed scrolling speed will not match the actual scrolling speed on the board.
  • Stop LEDs from scrollig, by clicking START or STOP buttons. The delay between LEDs turning ON and OFF is set in the LED Lightshow box.
  • Turn individual LEDs ON and OFF witht the ON and OFF buttons. Note that this action is only available when the LED scrolling/lightshow is stopped.
  • Blink individual LEDs by typing a delay value in ms then clicking the corresponding BLINK button. Note that this action is only available when the LED scrolling/lightshow is stopped.
  • Display text to the alphanumerical LCD Display, by typing the text in the Send to character LCD the pressing the Send to LCD button. Note that the text is displayed in the 2nd LCD line, and it is limited to 16 characters. (This feature is not available on this release of the SocKit GSRD.)

SSH Connection Instructions

6. The lower bottom of the web page presents instructions on how to connect to the board using an SSH connection.


7. If the ssh client is not installed on you host computer, you can install it by running the following command on CentOS:
 $ sudo yum install openssh-clients 

or the following command on Ubuntu:
 $ sudo apt-get install openssh-client 

8. Connect to the board, and run some commands, such as pwd, ls and uname to see Linux in action


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