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The Helio platform is full featured and software compatible with Altera’s own development boards.

The platform consists of a Helio baseboard, an optional Helio View wide VGA touch screen LCD board and a series of ‘pico-modules’ to add additional functionality to the platform - such as WiFi and temperature / humidity sensors.

Helio composite2.jpg

Performance, Power, and Flexibility

Altera’s new SoC solutions combine the latest Coretx-A9 ARM processors with industry-leading programmable logic. Users have the flexibility, low power and performance of a integrated ARM-based hard processor system (HPS) consisting of processor, peripherals and memory interfaces, combined with the FPGA fabric offering a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. That means you get the performance and power savings of hard Intellectual Property (IP) and the flexibility of programmable logic.

Helio Board Key Features

  • Altera Cyclone V SoC -- 5CSXFC6C6U23C8NES / 5CSXFC5C6U23C7N
  • HSMC expansion connector
  • 2G - 8Gbit DDR3-SDRAM
  • Micro SD Card
  • I/F include 1Gb Ethernet, USB OTG, UART
  • Linear Technology Power Monitor
  • Yocto Linux BSP

Helio View Display Key Features

  • WVGA (800x480) TFT LCD
  • Capacitive multi-touch
  • HDMI input
  • HDMI output
  • Two expansion connectors
  • Clean integraion with the Helio board to make a compact, portable unit

Block Diagram

helio block diagram s.png

Helio Board Resources

Helio Rev Check bold.jpg

Attention!! You can identify your own board revision marking on the top of the board
(Red frame area in the above picture)

Board Specific Resources:

Schematic ,BOM, Reference Manual, Reference Designs, etc

Board Rev. Download Link Note
Helio Board Rev.1.2 Helio Resources for Rev.1.2 5CSXFC6C6U23C8NES
Helio Board Rev.1.3 Helio Resources for Rev.1.3 5CSXFC6C6U23C8NES
Helio Board Rev.1.4 Helio Resources for Rev.1.4 5CSXFC5C6U23C7N

Common Resources:

Item Rev. Download Link Description Note
Linux SD Card Image v15.1 helio_gsrd_sdimage_v3.10-ltsi_r3.tar.gz Linux Kernel: v3.10-ltsi
Rootfs: Angstrom
Created according to the AV CV GSRD 15.1 User manual.
Linux SD Card Image v15.0 helio_gsrd_sdimage_v3.10-ltsi_r2.tar.gz Linux Kernel: v3.10-ltsi
Rootfs: Angstrom
You can get another SD Card Image from:
SoC SW Workshop Series SD Card Images
Linux SD Card Image v14.1 helio_gsrd_sdimage_v3.10-ltsi_r1.tar.gz Linux Kernel: v3.10-ltsi
Rootfs: Angstrom
・Added gdb_server support
・Individual Images [ Click Here ]
Linux SD Card Image v14.0 helio_gsrd_sdimage_v3.13.tar.gz Linux Kernel 3.13 ・Individual Images [ Click Here ]
Linux SD Card Image v13.1 helio_gsrd_sdimage_v3.9.tar.gz Linux Kernel 3.9 ・Individual Images [ Click Here ]
Sample Linux Application    

Helio View Resources

  • Documentation
    • Helio View Getting Started Guide (v1.0, October 31, 2013, 1.3MB): [click here]
    • Helio View Reference Manual (v1.0, October 31, 2013, 2.0MB): [click here]
    • Helio View LCD Schematic (v2.4, October 31, 2013, 420KB): [click here]
  • Reference Designs
  • CPLD Reference Design
    • Helio View CPLD Design files (February 27, 2014): [click here]

Helio Solutions

Solutions and Application Demos Project page
Warping Engine IP Demo on Helio Click Here
Haze Reduction image processing demo on Helio Click Here
GPU demo on Helio Click Here
Multi-channel PWM Design using Macnica Helio Click Here
Video Demonstration for Human Recognition Click Here
Helio View Linaro Linux Desktop Click Here
HDMI display output(ALTERA VIP) and network camera server Click Here

The Workshops

Macnica is pleased to be offering a series of World Wide Workshops to get designers productively using the Altera SoC and the Helio platform as quickly as possible. This unique series of Global learning labs will focus on the practical aspects of design. Each course is tailored to a specific engineering task for both Hardware and Software applications.

Learn with Macnica Group and get started on your next SoC design quickly.

The 2014 Free Macnica Americas virtual workshops can teach you the key aspects of designing with Cyclone V SoC devices including tool setup, processor and FPGA hardware usage, power management, operating systems, debug tools, and video/graphics processing including Android and custom hardware acceleration together on an SoC FPGA. Even if you attended our vWorkshops last year, you can attend sessions you missed or would like to see again. The workshops can be attended live and students can follow along using their own Mpression Helio View kit, which is available for purchase online from your local representative listed below. The workshop recordings are also available for viewing on-demand after each session is held and can be viewed in any order.

Check out our video showing different methods of doing graphics acceleration using the Mpression Helio View Cyclone V SoC kit at

Live workshop presentations begin on March 25, 2014. For complete course descriptions, agendas, schedule of sessions, and links to registration, visit

Regional Support

To get more information about the Helio board, local language support, or to register for seminars and workshops in your area, click through to our representative in your region:

1 Japan ALTIMA ELSENA.png2 China-HongKong CytecTechnology.png3 ASEAN-India CytechGlobal.png
4 Taiwan GalaxyFarEast..png5 NorthAmerica MacnicaAmericas.png6 Brazil MacnicaDHW.png



End of life

Mpression Helio is no longer available because we have stopped manufacturing this model. However, we have similar product called "Mpression Sodia".

Mpression Sodia details : Mpression Sodia Eval board

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