Note: Ubuntu Core has been renamed Ubuntu Base

While this page is specific to the Arrow SoCKit, this rootfs could be used on any SoC board with the appropriate files in the table below specific to your board.

What is Ubuntu Core?

Ubuntu Core is a minimal rootfs for use in the creation of custom images for specific needs.

Build the Root File System

To build the Ubuntu Core rootfs for ARM, follow the steps here: "Building Ubuntu rootfs for ARM"

After step 13, run the following command to create a basic network interfaces file so that the board will DHCP on eth0

$ echo -e "auto eth0 \n iface eth0 inet dhcp" >> /etc/network/interfaces

Make sure you enable login at serial console in Step 16.

If you want to use a pre-built Ubuntu Core rootfs, you can download this one.

ubuntu-core-14.04-rootfs.tar.gz dfe4f37efa6f57c480c9a8051ef549dd

Copy the System to SD Card

Once you have the Ubuntu Core rootfs, assemble the other usual files required to create your SD Card.

SD Card File Name Description
Partition 1 soc_system.dtb Device Tree Blob file
soc_system.rbf FPGA configuration file
u-boot.scr U-boot script for configuring FPGA
zImage Compressed Linux kernel image file
Partition 2 ubuntu-rootfs/* Ubuntu Core root file system
Partition 3 preloader-mkpimage.bin Preloader image
u-boot-sockit.img U-boot image

Follow the directions from GSRD v15.1 - SD Card - Arrow SoCKit Edition using the script to create the SD card image file and copy it to your SD card.

Alternatively, you can copy this complete pre-built SD card image file to your SD card.

gsrd-sockit-ubuntu-core-sdcard-image.tar.gz 8247280cf4b5992ae29f93ba6f187566

Boot from SD Card and login

Make sure your SoCKit is configured to boot from the SD card. Insert the card, connect USB cable from PC to USB to UART connector (J4 on SoCKit) and power up the board. If using the pre-built rootfs or SD card image, login as user sockit with password sockit. If your SoCKit is connected to the Internet, you can now run

$ sudo apt-get update

and then install any additional packages you require.

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