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​The Linux kernel for SoCFPGA has been upgraded to v4.6. We have also updated the LTSi 4.1 branch to 4.1.22, this adds a new branch to the kernel repo on github (socfpga-4.1.22-ltsi), the previous branch is deprecated.

The real-time Linux kernel branch has been updated accordingly, its name is socfpga-4.1.22-ltsi-rt.

Branch name: socfpga-4.1-ltsi-rt, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.1-ltsi-rt_16.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
community ARM: dts: socfpga: fix definitions of serial console for Arria10
374571 Fix Sysid driver hotplug support.
366816-6 Add clock enable/disable in Cadence QSPI driver
363205-2 QSPI times out on A10 when PL330 DMAC is enabled
community ARM: dts: socfpga: add ethernet alias on Arria10
community stmmac: socfpga: remove extra call to socfpga_dwmac_setup

We have also updated U-Boot, see below for the changes:

Branch name: socfpga_v2014.10_arria10_bringup, Tag name: rel_socfpga_v2014.10_arria10_bringup_16.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
376743 fix ecc errors using jffs2 file system with nand

Please check the repositories 'meta-altera' and 'angstrom-socgfpga' for additional updates.

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