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U-Boot and Linux update
Kernel update

Updated to kernel v4.10. See below for the latest kernel v4.9 updates

Branch name: socfpga-4.9, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.9_17.05.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
458420-2 ARM: dts: add lcd character panel e4c2b71c147dc27da7dc1d5595f2f47c99d17b2f
458420-1 dts: arria10 socdk: add max1619 188c10fb718cf1bdd4d1968fe11c2d5e72bb7a3a
community ARM: dts: socfpga: set the i2c frequency 0301b76715fcbc6ceef2d60cb224a5c967c639da
community ARM: dts: socfpga: set desired i2c clock on Cyclone5 and Arria5 devkits 3aa7a6d3491dd8618c75bdcd8b8a32075c2157b1

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