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The purpose of this project is to implement one of AMP solution with Linux@core0 and BareMetal @core1. And also it supports eMMC for booting flash .

⑵Based on board configuration:



- DDR3 x16 400MHz,

- 1x eMMC Flash, 8GByte

- 1x UART

⑶ The AMP solution features supported

- AMP system — Linux@Core0 and BareMetal @Core1

- eMMC driver for bootloader and linux kernel

- Cut down booting time of linux

⑷ AMP system:

AMP boot flow


Source code, please check

③ AMP booting demo

⑸ eMMC driver for bootloader and linux kernel

①bootloader changes to support eMMC Flash booting,


②Linux kernel driver for eMMC flash changes to fix error: “unrecognised EXT_CSD revision 7”

- eMMC Flash



⑹ Cut down booting time of linux

From the project experience, Flash device have an impact on booting time.

And booting time of eMMC spent: about 12 second, and the booting time is fit for the customer requirement . some other customer’s booting timie of Nand spent: about 2x eMMC second, 20+ second.

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