Low Latency Warping demo on Macnica Sodia board
Warping Engine IP - TW200 on Cyclone V ST SoC

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This movie demonstrates low-latency (short delay) image warping processed by the Image Warping IP TW200 on FPGA.

In the first part, the left frame demonstrates the effect from a low latency (short delay) processing (8ms: approx. 1/2 frame), while the right frame shows a 200ms latency image for comparison.The delay can be set to a desired rate such as a 1/6 or a 1/4 frame (depending on transformation).In the second part, a few other image warping examples processed by TW200.

Introduction - Warping Engine IP TW200

TAKUMI's Warping Engine IPs, including TW200, allow highly flexible image transforms and distortion corrections. TW200 is a performance upgrade to TW100.

TW200 is capable of processing transforms and distortion corrections at 120 fps in full HD resolution. A variety of filters (options) including bi-cubic and chromatic aberration are supported with TW200. Its I/O interface is flexibly compatible with AXI Stream / Bus, and image interfaces including Displayport and HDMI.

TW200 is best suited to such applications as in-car systems (for camera lens distortion corrections or HUD), projectors, surveillance camera, and VR Hed set.

Overview - Warping Engine IP TW200

Resolution XGA - FHD, WUXGA
Image Format RGB / YUV
Key Features Image warping (any shape), up/down scaling, rotating
Performance (frame rate) 30 - 120 fps
Logic size 32KLE (minimum)

Block Diagram

WarpDemoBD Sodia.jpg

Development Environment

Hardware Macnica Sodia Board + Macnica 100Base-T1 HSMC Card
FPGA Tools Intel Quartus Prime Version 16.1.0
OS Linux for Macnica Sodia Board

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