DBM-SOC1 module

The DBM-SoC1 module provides an easy way to use an Altera Cyclone V-SoC device. The module includes the SoC device, the DDR3 memory, clock distribution, flash memory and the power supply for all required voltages. The HPS and FPGA signals are available on two 150pin high speed connectors on the back side of the board. Together with all the FPGA signals, the IO-bank supply voltages are available on the two connectors, too. As the Hard-Processor-System (HPS) in the SoC device, provides a variety of peripheral functions like Ethernet, USB, CAN.. - the respective PHYs have to be implemented on the baseboard.

More information: DBM-SoC1

DBM-SoC1 Development Board

DBM-SoC1-Persp klein.jpg

DBM-SoC1 Block Diagramm


Key Features
  • A2:5CSEBA2U23C7N
    • 25KLE, 36 DSP Blocks, 1.4Mbit RAM
  • A4:5CSEBA4U23C7N
    • 40KLE, 84 DSP Blocks, 2.6Mbit RAM
  • A5:5CSEBA5U23C7N
    • 85KLE, 87 DSP Blocks, 3.8Mbit RAM
  • A6:5CSEBA6U23C7N
    • 110KLE, 112 DSP Blocks, 5.4Mbit RAM
  • Dual 800 MHz Cortex A9 Cores
  • HPS-Peripherals
  • 1 Gbyte DDR3 memory
  • 256 Mbit Configuration device
  • 4 Gbyte emmc Flash memory
  • Clock distribution
  • 83 HPS Pins
  • 141 FGA Pins
  • On Board 1.1V / 1.35V / 2.5V
  • Dimension: 40x70mm

The DBM-SoC-Base1 is an example baseboard for the DBM-SoC1 module. This baseboard provides a possible setup for the HPS peripherals like Gigabit Ethernet Phy, USB-Phy, RS232 port and all other available signals on 2.54mm pinheader. A USB-Blaster II is implemented on the board for high-speed FPGA programming. The Base board can be powered from 7.5V upto 24V - generating all required voltages for the peripherals and the module.

Customized versions are available on request.

More information: DBM-SoC1-Base1

Key Features
  • Power Supply
  • USB-OTG Phy
  • Gigabit Ethernet Phy
  • USB-Blaster II
  • USB / UART Converter
  • six 2.54mm Pin Header with all FPGA and remaining HPS signals
  • selectable power supply for FPGA IO-Banks
  • Dimension: 100x147mm
DBM-SoC1 Development Board

DBM-SoC1-Base1 kleinor.jpg

DBM-SoC1-Base1 Block Diagramm


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