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Customer Hands-on Workshops

EBV and Altera would like to invite you to a one-day, hands-on training session where you can get familiar with the FPGA tools, the on-chip ARM Cortex A9, and running Linux on the device. Learn to apply the complete Toolchain: Altera's Quartus II software tool together with both the Altera SoC Embedded Design Suite (EDS) and the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS5) Altera Edition Toolkit. .

Workshop Agenda FPGA Centric

  • Welcome and workshop introduction
  • S: SoC system architecture
  • S: Hardware-Tool Flow
  • L: Hardware - Qsys-flow with integrating a custom component
  • S: Hardware/Software handoff
  • L: Hardware/Software handoff - Generate the Pre-loader / prepare the SD Card
  • S: Software-Tool Flow : Baremetal / Linux
  • L: Software:Using Linux to communicate with the custom peripheral
  • L: Software: Integrate the Qsys Component in the Device Tree
  • S: Verification & Debugging
  • L: Debugging: Using the DS-5 Debugger for Debugging Hard and Software

Workshop Agenda Linux/SoC Centric

  • Welcome and workshop introduction
  • S: Introduction to Altera SoC and Linux
  • L: Quickstart EBV Socrates with GNU/Linux from SD Card
  • S: Introduction of the ELDK / Yocto Linux flow
  • L: Getting started with precompiled ELDK Toolchain and Rootfile system using NFS
  • S: DeviceTree as complete system hardware description for Linux
  • L: Integrating a component using Qsys
  • L: Direct peripheral access from Linux using direct memory mapped accesses and Userspace I/O (UIO) with device tree
  • L: Debugging the system using GDB and/or ARM DS-5

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