GSRD v13.1 - Release Notes
release notes for the Altera GSRD (Golden System Reference Design)

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Release Notes


  • CV SoCFPGA GSRD has been updated to ACDS13.1 code base using ACDS13.1 tools and software release.
  • AV SoCFPGA GSRD has been created, and it has the same set of software features as CV SoCFPGA GSRD.
  • GSRD packages are no longer be released with kit installer at Altera portal. Instead they are released at
  • CV SoCFPGA GHRD is upgraded to support rev D board with C6 part and new QSPI flash component.
  • Preloader has been configured with watchdog enabled.
  • FPGA image is programmed from U-boot instead of via CFI flash through PFL mega function.
  • U-boot code base no longer relies on handoff information. U-boot is built in Yocto instead of SoCEDS.
  • U-boot is enabled to use a script for boot customization.
  • Serial baud rate is now set at 115200.
  • Content for the target web server has been removed from Yocto repository and is now bundled in the GSRD source tar ball.
  • Device tree is generated with DTG and compiled using DTC. Both DTG and DTC are released as part of SoCEDS.

Note: Do not use the GHRD that is part of SoC EDS with the GSRD. Always use the GHRD that is delivered as part of GSRD.


This Linux BSP release supports the CycloneV SoC Development Kit, and provides the following for the CycloneV SoC:
  • Linux kernel v3.9
  • Drivers: I2C, LCD, EEPROM, RTC, Ethernet, USB (Host), Watchdog, SD/MMC, QSPI, DMA, FPGA Manager, and FPGA Bridges
  • Boards: Cyclone V DevKit Rev C.
  • U-Boot 2013.01
  • Linaro's GCC 4.7 2012.11

New features:
  • New drivers: FPGA bridges, DMA, QSPI, Watchdog.
  • ftrace is enabled in the kernel. This leads to some overhead. For more information about ftrace, please start with the introduction on the Linux Weekly Newsletter web site.
To let the kernel trace functions, you need to turn on ftrace, by running:
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracking/tracing_on 

Release Contents

The GSRD sources and prebuilt binaries can be downloaded from

Folder File Description
bin linux-socfpga-gsrd-13.1-av-bin.tar.gz Arria V Binaries Archive
linux-socfpga-gsrd-13.1-cv-bin.tar.gz Cyclone V Binaries Archive
ghrd av_soc_devkit_ghrd.tar.gz Arria V GHRD Archive
cv_soc_devkit_ghrd.tar.gz Cyclone V GHRD Archive
src linux-socfpga-gsrd-13.1-src.bsx Software Sources Archive
boot.script U-Boot script
bup.tar.gz Web server content
The following documents are also part of the release:

Document Description
GSRD v13.1 - Release Notes Release Notes
GSRV v13.1 - User Manual User Manual
The Cyclone V and Arria V precompiled binaries archives (linux-socfpga-gsrd-13.1-cv-bin.tar.gz and linux-socfpga-gsrd-13.1-av-bin.tar.gz) contain the following files:

Cyclone V File Name Arria V File Name Description
altera-gsrd-image.ext3 Root filesystem in EXT3 format
altera-gsrd-image.tar.gz Root filesystem as compressed tarball
preloader-mkpimage_cyclone5.bin preloader-mkpimage_arria5.bin Preloader image
sd_image_cyclone5.bin.gz sd_image_arria5.bin.gz Compressed bootable SD card image
socfpga.dtb Device Tree Blob
soc_system.rbf Compressed FPGA configuration file
u-boot.scr U-boot script for configuring the FPGA
u-boot-socfpga_cyclone5.img u-boot-socfpga_arria5.img U-boot image
vmlinux Linux kernel ELF image
zImage Compressed Linux kernel image
U-boot, Linux kernel and Yocto source packages are also provided through the git trees at, as shown in the table below.

Component Git address Branch Tag
Linux linux-socfpga.git socfpga-3.9-rel ACDS13.1_REL_GSRD_PR
U-Boot u-boot-socfpga.git socfpga_v2013.01.01-rel ACDS13.1_REL_GSRD_PR
Yocto poky-socfpga.git dylan-altera-rel ACDS13.1_REL_GSRD_PR

Known Issues

Issue Headline Description
99507 i2c speed is slow Running @50KHz instead of 100KHz because onboard LCD does not support 100KHz
103050 Transmit offloading on receive side doesn't produce a speed improvement Ethernet checksum calculation is not correctly offloaded from CPU to hardware
103403 Ethernet Phy settings are hard coded in the driver PHY settings are hardcoded in the driver, making them harder to edit. In the future they need to be in the Device Tree
111322 Jumbo ethernet support in HPS/STMMAC controller driver? Ethernet jumbo frames (MTU>1500) are not properly supported
112140 stmmac_tx_timeout() is very broken the linux ethernet driver The function stmmac_tx_timeout needs to be updated to properly follow the datasheet recommendations
117856 linux emac driver currently supports only the micrel 9021 Current Linux EMAC driver supports only one Micrel 9021 PHY device. Using any other PHY device is not possible
119760 document the designware SPI driver bindings under Documentation/devicetree SPI Driver Device Bindings are not documented. They will be documented in linux/Documentation/devicetree/bindings
120592 Fix USB DMA for host mode on SoCFPGA USB Host Mode does not work with DMA mode. Will be fixed by switching to dwc2 USB driver
120593 Fix USB Host detect USB Host Detection does not work reliably. Will be fixed by switching to dwc2 USB driver
121856 Fix USB peripheral hotplug for SOCFPGA USB device driver for SoCFPGA does not transition to a correct state when unplugged from a host. Requires a hard reset for a USB host to be able to detect the USB device again
123533 A board at Wind River may be triggering our MAC counters MAC counter overflow interrupt condition is not treated correctly. I happens only on specific setup.
127615 CV SoC GHRD has Critical Warnings -- timing not met CV SoC GHRD compiles 400MHz EMIF 800MHz MPU for C8ES device. C8ES is actually C7 part that is capable to run that speed.
130597 move common qspi stuff to socfpga.dtsi Need to put the common QSPI parameters in the socfpga.dtsi instead of repeating them for each device
131884 customer having problems using both hps ethernets Could not use both EMAC0 and EMAC1 at the same time
133693 Linux socfpga_cyclone5 3.9.0-001: ping -l 4000 from peer machine causes kernel crash when stmmicro eth driver Duplicate of 111322
140538 DMA-PL330 multiple interrupt implementation is not correct DMA-PL330 interrupt code needs to be fixed to properly deal with multiple interrupts
149803 Random build failures in Linux There is a known problem with Yocto Danny that it has race conditions that can result in build failure on specific hardware configurations
152827 SignalTap sld node does not appear in prebuilt ghrd sof Signal tap was not yet added to GHRD. Solved in latest unreleased version of SoC EDS.
153189 mismatch between handoff of esw and assignments of f2sdram cmd ports F2S bridge handoff information is wrong, therefore F2S bridge may not be released correctly
154690 eSW SV - UART output unexpected error dump during modprobe invalid gpio This is expected behaviour of Linux kernel, when requesting an invalid gpio, calls to gpio_to_desc will yield the warning.
155746 eSW SV GSRD not able to boot if UART pin mux is removed from Qsys The preloader generator spl.performance.SERIAL_SUPPORT setting is not turn off automatically when HPS MegaWizard disables UART. As a workaround, you will need to manually turn on/off this option depending on the setting used in HPS MegaWizard.
158537 Updating U-Boot FPGA2SDRAM driver The FPGA2HPS SDRAM interface (if enabled in hardware design) is not correctly configured by U-Boot which may cause HPS to freeze. Use U-Boot from branch socfpga_v2013.01.01-rel to fix this issue. The FPGA2HPS SDRAM interface can only be safely enabled from U-Boot, not from Preloader or Linux.
(The issue is fixed in the current GSRD release, but not in the Linux 3.9)

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