This page contains release notes for the Altera Golden System Reference Design (GSRD) User Manuals (Golden System Reference Design) v14.1.

Release Notes

Golden System Reference Design (GSRD) User Manuals

  • SoCKit GSRD has been updated to use ACDS 14.1 and SoC EDS 14.1
GSRD now uses GHRD that is shipped as part of SoC EDS.


This Linux BSP release supports the SoC Development Kit, and provides the following:
  • Linux kernel v3.10 LTSi
  • Drivers: I2C, LCD, EEPROM, RTC, Ethernet, USB (Host), Watchdog, SD/MMC, QSPI, DMA, FPGA Manager, and FPGA Bridges
  • Boards: Arrow SoCKit Rev B, C and E
  • U-Boot v2013.01

Preloader & U-Boot

It is highly recommended preloader and u-boot are built from the same commit.

Here are the new features and enhancement done for 14.1 Preloader and U-Boot:

Preloader and u-boot is similar to GSRD 14.0.2

Release Contents

The GSRD sources and prebuilt binaries can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Folder File Description MD5SUM
bin linux-sockit-gsrd-14.1-bin.tar.gz SoCKit Binaries Archive 351877cf2b2e062ae02f84c0712b2df3
ghrd sockit_ghrd_14.1.tar.gz SoCKit GHRD Archive be1664ed78471165615ded0aac788320
src boot.script U-Boot script bf126af8091bfb18745beab7ebae9ca2
sockit_patch.tar.gz SoCKit customisation files 1dea36dbfe2169f1c7e883ffee5570c6
The following documents are also part of the release:

Document Description
GSRD v14.1 - Release Notes - Arrow SoCKit Edition Release Notes
GSRD v14.1 - User Manual- Arrow SoCKit Edition User Manual
The SoCKit precompiled binaries archives (linux-sockit-gsrd-14.1-bin.tar.gz ) contain the following files:

Cyclone V File Name Description
sockit-gsrd-image.ext3 Root filesystem in EXT3 format
sockit-gsrd-image.tar.gz Root filesystem as compressed tarball
preloader-mkpimage.bin Preloader image
sd_image_sockit_20150228.tar.gz Compressed bootable SD card image
soc_system.dtb Device Tree Blob
soc_system.rbf Compressed FPGA configuration file
u-boot.scr U-boot script for configuring the FPGA
u-boot-sockit.img U-boot image
vmlinux Linux kernel ELF image
zImage Compressed Linux kernel image

U-boot, Linux kernel and Yocto source packages are also provided through the git trees at, as shown in the table below.
Component Git address Branch Tag
Linux linux-socfpga.git socfpga-3.10-ltsi ACDS14.1_REL_GSRD_PR
U-Boot u-boot-socfpga.git socfpga_v2013.01.01 ACDS14.1_REL_GSRD_PR
Angstrom angstrom-socfpga.git angstrom-v2013.12-socfpga_gsrd14.1 ACDS14.1_REL_GSRD_PR
Ref Designs linux-refdesigns.git socfpga-14.1 ACDS14.1_REL_GSRD_PR

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