MCV: System on Module featuring an Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA

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MCV offers the full flexibility of the Altera Cyclone V SoC FPGA family.It integrates an ARM-based hard processor system (HPS) consisting of processor, peripherals, and memory interfaces with the FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. The Altera SoCs combine the performance and power savings of hard intellectual property (IP) with the flexibility of programmable logic.

MCV features additional hard logic such as PCI Express® Gen1, multiport memory controllers, and high-speed serial transceivers. Our SoCs drive down power and cost while enabling performance levels required by cost-sensitive applications.

Due to the flexibility of the MCV concept25KLE, 40KLE, 85KLE and 110KLE FPGAs are supported by MCV.

More information: MCV

MCV Block Diagram

MCV-BD-small 1.png

MCV feature set

  • Altera Cyclone V SoCFPGA
    • without PCIe support
      • A2: 5CSEBA2U23C8N1 KLE, 36 DSP blocks
      • A4: 5CSEBA4U23C8N40KLE, 58 DSP blocks
      • A5: 5CSEBA5U23C8N85KLE, 87 DSP blocks
      • A6: 5CSEBA6U23C8N110KLE, 112 DSP blocks
    • with PCIe support
      • A2: 5CSXFC2C6U23C7N25KLE, 36 DSP blocks, 6 transceivers 2.5Gbit/s
      • A4: 5CSXFC4C6U23C7N40KLE, 58 DSP blocks, 6 transceivers 2.5Gbit/s
      • A5: 5CSXFC5C6U23C7N85KLE, 87 DSP blocks, 6 transceivers 2.5Gbit/s
      • A6: 5CSXFC6C6U23C7N110KLE, 112 DSP blocks, 6 transceivers 2.5Gbit/s

  • Dual 800 MHz Cortex A9 Cores
  • HPS-Peripherals
  • 1 GByte DDR3 memory
  • 256 Mbit Coniguration Device
  • 4GByte eMMC memory
  • 143 FPGA signals
  • 66 HPS signals
  • Clock distribution
  • default configuration:
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • UART
    • CAN
    • SPI
    • I²C
    • USB

  • additional interfaces would be optionally available such as
    • one or more display controller
    • second Gigabit Ethernet
    • CAN, SPI, I²C,
    • camera port
    • DSP blocks
    • microcontroller

  • single 3,3V supply
  • size 74mmx42mm
  • 2 x Samtec QSH-090-01-F-D-A board-to-board interconnect

MCV Software Support

MCV support currently covers the HPS part of the SoCFPGA:

  U-Boot Linux
eMMC 8-bit yes yes
UART yes yes
2x CAN - yes
Ethernet yes yes
USB yes yes

MCVEVP- Evaluationplatform for MCV

More information: MCVEVP

The MCVEVP supports a quick start-up of SoC-FPGA projects and can easily be used as a fast-prototype platform.

MCVEVP 660x740-2.png

MCVEVP- Block Diagram


MCVEVP - Feature Set

  • 2x HPS Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2x UART
  • 2x CAN
  • TFT connector
  • Touchscreen controller I²C
  • HSMC extension connector
  • 3x PMOD extension connectors
  • microSD-card slot

MxxDK- Display for MCVEVK

More information: MxxDK

For evaluating applications which may require a display with touchscreen support the Display Kit is a good entry point to get started. A framebuffer display controller is optionally available to show content on the display. Both display and touchscreen are supported by Linux accordingly.

MxxDK - Kit contents

  • TFT display, 17,7cm (7'') size
  • Touchscreen
  • fpc cable
  • spacers, screws

Mxx DSK-aries.png


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