Embest Technology has announced the launch of the Lark Board, a full-featured evaluation board based on Altera's Cyclone-V SoC. The Lark Board is designed for development of high-volume applications including automotive, medical equipment, video surveillance and industrial control.

The Lark Board features a 5CSXFC6D6 SoC FPGA, the largest SoC device in the Cyclone-V SX family. This device integrates a FPGA and ARM-based dual-core Hard Processor System (HPS) that operates at speeds up to 800 MHz and is coupled together through an AXI high-speed interconnect backbone to the FPGA fabric. A single monolithic device combines the performance and power savings of hard intellectual property with the flexibility of programmable logic.

With an abundance of free software resources the Lark Board is ideal for engineers who want to utilize the strengths of the high-performance Cyclone V FPGA with the benefits of dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processors integrated in a single package, reducing overall system cost and power.

The Lark Board provides 1GB DDR3 SDRAM to each of the HPS and FPGA as well as 4GB eMMC Flash and a Transflash card slot for mass storage. The Lark Board features several standard I/O interfaces including PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, 24-bit LCD, a 12-bit camera interface, USB2.0 Host ports, UART, JTAG, and 3G SDI. The Lark Board uses an Altera Enpirion power solution to provide a stable and efficient output for all the Cyclone V SoC's power rails.

A USB Blaster II has been integrated on the Lark Board to increase the efficiency of FPGA debugging. The onboard USB Blaster supports Quartus II and ARM DS-5 development environments. The Lark Board comes pre-installed an embedded distribution of Linux built using Yocto Project. Other Linux distributions will be available to download online.

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