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Jan 2014

Linux Update To Kernel Version 3.12
Here are the fixed issues and improvements of the Linux kernel for SoCFPGA and u-boot.

29 Jan 2014 | fshearer
Here are the fixed issues and improvements of the Linux kernel for SoCFPGA:

ID Comment GIT commit
community ARM: socfpga: dts: fix s2f_* clock name 2da237835bc561228b93d15f5cc9c35dedd47049
173185 OCRAM ECC addition for Altera SOCFPGA. 1a3dc549df0a73b4272b2375e551b21370d89b15
178128 Conditionally enable L2 EDAC. 559eeb1f73322ebb39552a833bdfd07e4c873d99
172665 Sample driver for DMA transfer to FPGA soft IP (FIFO) b17b0ab09da57f0eb3c206928ac9a741366f2062
176300 Add support for multiple clock parents c4ae305b08955cb353b59c8ce3b9984aa5575e0f
177545 Remove the need to force the USB IP into Host mode 7e5c9eac385c96b07fc85334b7680998ddd0d878
The list of improvements and fixes for u-boot are:

ID Comment GIT commit
158674 Enable option to get EMAC address from EEPROM 85241bd21a85c915b978d473c7f45324cf36344b
158674 Enhance DesignWare I2C driver address support 968b0cdd3fbdfdf8377c5d82844e7c17687059df
158674 Enabling I2C support for U-Boot 73ce32933080089ec999bd2b25dd2bc7f8d3abe7
178339 Clearing PLL loss bits after clock configuration ea9dd0f441cc5530530a3b98535e04c10b90a970
community mmc/dwmmc: Using calloc instead malloc 00a85b0116a42ceaec0a03334a6d0f10fdd5ca08
158674 Enhance drivers to use derived clock value c90e46999393d2ea5e455f1af8e8b1bde1910f1d
158674 Enhance Preloader to display clock info 53b6875eb0615224d9016e0f60d7e4990884554d
159721 Enhance Arria V MPU clock to 1050MHz 2b27ef2511008b690b1130fba9baeb81f8ea8e9b
159721 Fix QSPI baudrate divisor algorithm 27a0f7d8a0f43708c502d248a8d82a1737f3ab12

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