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Feb 2014

The Linux kernel for SoCFPGA has been upgraded to v3.13. All previous commits have been carried over. The detailed history can be seen on this page . There are too many commits to show on this page.

The final update of the Linux kernel v3.12 for SoCFPGA is available, see the update details below. Future updates of the kernel repository will only include the latest kernel.

ID Comment GIT Commit
180994 Conditionally enable L2 cache ECC on startup 28301d2c6bb5545e3326f1583421e2adc089b872
180526 Add USB dual-role support 4f74712f05f590095bcddff1b14330a5ea3420b7
community Move DWC2 driver out of staging 834cadd5d41655caadabf2bb1ffecb27ee741139
177458 Fix the watchdog's parent clock 54539cb0fce51c329b454209e7a957063cab1c5a

The U-Boot repository was also updated, with the following patches:

ID Comment GIT Commit
169625 Enhance Preloader programming FPGA from SDMMC fac0ec35a814eb783b643298d17262c2a8a640e7
180961 Using calloc instead of malloc e6f7f89bcb9f3f76e297466213e142952c593506
179710 Ensure interconnect run below 400MHz 6a528efe5d24a3792bc576ea4cfadb3d76cb8fa0

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