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Mar 2014

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Please check out the details for the Macnica workshops!

We are happy to announce the introduction of the LTSi kernel v3.10 with support for SoCFPGA and NIOS. The log can be seen here.

we also have updated the Linux kernel v3.13, the list of changes is below:

Branch name: socfpga-3.13, Tag name: rel_socfpga-3.13_14.03.02
ID Comment GIT Commit
189738 Correct code to obtain mdio child node from devicetree bd9d1aae1d420f35775d7f38b5e6863169216274
189737 Check phy connect return codes when initializing phy 8ffc8667ee41e3359cca57d1c1b523973705be41
188963 Remove unused function stmmac_hw_setup 1cf85971fc4b63d2163544a851858e90a6a1e2e2
189696 Remove socfpga_arria5.dts file bff185f06f1154e1b99aa3dc278b6f90aedc16b4
189684-2 dts part: clean up QSPI entries d1e55851b6b552a91b73c69fefdd6ad9140b2dd3
189684-1 Enhance QSPI driver to use common clock framework ccf2533d4ebbe9baa9d1f773660a80acf4ca89ae
188457 Fix DTS entries for SOCFPGA Arria V 01af930694c5a4406681850451660bf9496b608a
186724 Add backwards compatible binding for dw_apb_timer cc377d7e65081ad17b29877f1c8049d40cc06e96

The Linux kernel v3.14 is on the horizon (rc8 is available at the time of this writing), we'll upgrade as soon as it is available. We'll keep you posted for its availability on SoCFPGA.

We also have updated the boot loader, with the following fixes and improvements:

Branch name: socfpga_v2013.01.01, Tag name: rel_socfpga_v2013.01.01_14.03.02
ID Comment GIT Commit
188622 Ensure BootROM works if SDMMC PWREN is used 7d2eb72762278fc9f06af2eac22f0c481e044b72
189084 Enhance U-Boot to configure L2 address filter 5c8d037b139ecc62234aab98c93f7aa5da5a3ddb
188704 Fix QSPI read flag status sequence 09353b4af6d6c72b03a437db4a94680674877d45

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