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Starting with the socfpga-4.12 and (some ltsi branch) branches, a small syntax change will be required in Device Tree Overlay source (dts) files. Normal dts files do not require any change, only dts files that are overlays.

The change is:
-/dts-v1/ /plugin/;

Without this change, the dtc will complain during compilation noting that characters 10-18 on that line of the file are invalid, such as:
Error: /home/atull/repos/linux-socfpga/arch/arm/boot/dts/persona0.dts:1.10-18 syntax error

The reason for this change is that plugin support has been officially added in the Device Tree Compiler (dtc). We no longer have to up date the dtc with a downstream patched version to get that functionality. The device tree community settled on this syntax, so the upstream has this change.

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded to kernel v4.11.

Branch name: socfpga-4.10, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.10_17.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
community net: ethernet: stmmac: Fix altr_tse_pcs SGMII Initialization 04e525394c6cf77f18d710d4e7a8c2205b7f82b8
454145 Update stratix10_swvp.dts file for S10 SoC VP 9ff05be5048153a6afa43fcc9c9721d133d1c1eb
community dt-bindings: reset: Add reset manager offsets for Stratix10 94eaec572989f5634b6489282c18e313dded7fef

Branch name: socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi_17.06.02_pr
ID Comment GIT Commit
community net: ethernet: stmmac: Fix altr_tse_pcs SGMII Initialization 9d8d594bf8a21527ad8d20e268aa82c03852db43
community Revert "FogBugz #410295: Arria10 SGMII NETDEV WATCHDOG Timeout" 4f049a4cda99d79edac3df6622e1492fc0628300
410295 Arria10 SGMII NETDEV WATCHDOG Timeout b28c8572e420bee6e49de8c666b88f74e1bad7f8
Branch name: socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi-rt, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi-rt_17.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
community net: ethernet: stmmac: Fix altr_tse_pcs SGMII Initialization a63d21c2702cb3d59fdf41bba50b07d76639fbde

U-Boot and Linux update
Kernel update

22 Jun 2017 | Findlay Shearer

Updated to kernel v4.10. See below for the latest kernel v4.9 updates

Branch name: socfpga-4.9, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.9_17.05.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
458420-2 ARM: dts: add lcd character panel e4c2b71c147dc27da7dc1d5595f2f47c99d17b2f
458420-1 dts: arria10 socdk: add max1619 188c10fb718cf1bdd4d1968fe11c2d5e72bb7a3a
community ARM: dts: socfpga: set the i2c frequency 0301b76715fcbc6ceef2d60cb224a5c967c639da
community ARM: dts: socfpga: set desired i2c clock on Cyclone5 and Arria5 devkits 3aa7a6d3491dd8618c75bdcd8b8a32075c2157b1

​The Linux kernel for SoCFPGA has been upgraded to v4.6. We have also updated the LTSi 4.1 branch to 4.1.22, this adds a new branch to the kernel repo on github (socfpga-4.1.22-ltsi), the previous branch is deprecated.

The real-time Linux kernel branch has been updated accordingly, its name is socfpga-4.1.22-ltsi-rt.

Branch name: socfpga-4.1-ltsi-rt, Tag name: rel_socfpga-4.1-ltsi-rt_16.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
community ARM: dts: socfpga: fix definitions of serial console for Arria10
374571 Fix Sysid driver hotplug support.
366816-6 Add clock enable/disable in Cadence QSPI driver
363205-2 QSPI times out on A10 when PL330 DMAC is enabled
community ARM: dts: socfpga: add ethernet alias on Arria10
community stmmac: socfpga: remove extra call to socfpga_dwmac_setup

We have also updated U-Boot, see below for the changes:

Branch name: socfpga_v2014.10_arria10_bringup, Tag name: rel_socfpga_v2014.10_arria10_bringup_16.06.02_pr

ID Comment GIT Commit
376743 fix ecc errors using jffs2 file system with nand

Please check the repositories 'meta-altera' and 'angstrom-socgfpga' for additional updates.

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