SoCrates HW Reference Design
Hardware Reference Design for EBVs SoCrates Board - Easy Start for implementing peripherals in the FPGA-area

27 Jun 2015 - 02:09 | Version 9 | | ,

Board: EBV SoCrates Evaluation Board
Tools Version: 13.0
State: running
Members: HaraldFriedrich, ThomasSiebert

This design is part of our SoCrates workshops and used to intitialize the hard processor and some simple peripherals in the FPGA part connected through the bridges (HPS_2_FPGA and LW-Bridge).

SoCrates simpleRD.png (old v13.0sp1 version) (new v13.1 version)

Just open the project in Quartus II v13.1 and compile it!

The ZIP file also contains a script for simple board tests (toggling LEDs, R/W to memory) using the system_console.

After downloading the SOF File to the SoCrates Board follow the steps in the PDF: System-Console_Setup.pdf to start the system_console.

The project does already include a signaltap II instance that can be used to test the crosstrigger capabilities between HPS and FPGA during debugging sessions in DS-5 AE.

If you want to run Linux together with this design you can use the script included in our linux workshop material (link below) to create your own SD CARD.

have fun!

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